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The form is here if you would like your details added to this page.

Some details I collected off Twitter. If you did use the form on 28 May, but your details aren’t listed, my apologies! The form misbehaved, so that a majority of people’s details did not get through. If you can be bothered, please do resubmit your details. (You’re also welcome to submit your details below – blog name, URL, and your Twitter handle if you want to share that.)

Update 6 June 2013: Thank you Peta Hopkins for making a list of feeds you can upload into your RSS reader! (still to figure out options for apps like Flipboard)

There is also a Twitter list you can follow. (This does assume that people tweet their blog posts.)


I’ve put together this list of this year’s bloggers, with the idea that it will make it easier for you to check out everyone’s blogs. Participants for this year are:

Bun-toting Librarian by @FiFYI

Librararianville by @lor_rahh

The Foodie Librarian by @katejf

Connecting Librarian by Michelle McLean

snail by @snailx

The Octopus Librarian by @ajwillemse91

The World is Quiet Here by @stokesrenee

ice.c.jan by @icecjan

Catherine’s Online Learning Journal by @c_hocking

Sardonic Smile by @pianica

New York via Melbourne by @jenelle

There she goes by @stephmcg whose post holiday! celebrate! started it all way back when…

librarykris by @librarykris

Walking upside down by @greengecko29

SharonU by @sharonu


Alethea Raspa by @AletheaRaspa

Flight Path by @acrystelle

I dwell in possibility by @kalgrl

The Empty Nest by @acivillibrarian

Too many words to tweet by @lgreenpd

Leesa and Devani by @leesaphilip

A Kelso Miscellany by @ironshush

Geocaching Librarian by @GeocachingLibn

Jackie of No Trade by @jackielb79

Catalogue This by@MissSuzieDay

Water water everywhere by @librarianhoi

The Spiralling Shape by @wendyldavis

Daily Awkward by @tamgeorgette

Salinafix by @Salinafix

Blogfest at Tiffany’s  by @LibrarianCat

Rien d’important by @gigglesigh

infoliterati by @infoliterati

KiwiLibrarian by @kiwilibrarian

Third Class Rooster by @stickstichcut

Innovate by @petahopkins

GraemeO28 Librarian and biker by @GraemeO28

jzgarnett by @jzgarnett

Read watch play participate by @ellenforsyth

Corin the Librarian by @corinh

Angels have the phone box by @KimTairi

Bonito Club by @bonitoclub

Hecuba’s Story by @polyxena

Collingwood Historical Society by @polyxena

Fiona Blogs by @tapsister by @dpgreen

hypereclectic by @hypereclectic

Things: Bright & Shiny

Lee Rowe by @LeeRowe

a stitch in time by @stitchsarah

A line through time by @joeygill

Being and Becoming by @morfaine

when the moon shines by @katiedavis

Carol by Computerlight by @carolgauld

Perfection is Death by @actorvious

Yakketty by @ksaunders0

The Traveler Bill-og by @TravelerBill

ALIA Sydney by @ALIASyd

Strawberries of Integrity by @KatieTT

2.45pm by @Karina_Tumon

Karen’s 23 Mobile Things by @karentoittoit

Sonja Barfoed by @SonjaBarfoed

Hmmm… by @KRidwyn

Ballarat Library Chick by @gemmas1980



Don’t forget the hashtag: #blogjune!

25 Responses to Blogjune 2013 List

  1. @kalgrl says:


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  3. Tony Davies says:

    I was worried I wouldn’t have time or energy but what the heck, sign me up. It wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t join in the fun!

  4. Anne Holmes says:

    I am in! My blog is

    We are also going to try to do it for the Collingwood Historical Society blog at

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