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  4. Gavin Jones says:


    My mate David Groenwegen mentioned that you need a list of book recommendations for your 7 year old daughter – is there an email address I can send the list of recommendations to?



    • flexnib says:

      Thanks Gavin! I’m looking for some ideas for my about-to-turn 7 niece! My email address is flexnib at gmail dot com.

  5. Laura Kassner says:

    Good evening (at least here in my time zone)!

    I recently came across your white paper on Library Unconferences, and I loved reading it! Thank you for your work!

    Wondering if I might adapt your survey instrument for evaluations of unconferences geared toward teachers? The more/less/same question format seems to address exactly what I’d like to capture. I fully intend to give you credit and acknowledge your instrument as the base.

    Thank you for considering!

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