Still more time travel

So here we are, the last day of #blogjune. It’s actually been good to blog everyday. I’ve enjoyed the process, even though there were days when I was quite stumped for things to blog about. It’s been a bit hard to figure out what to write when my days have been very busy with work – work that would be rather boring to blog about. You know, meetings, and planning projects, and talking with people, and writing email, and so forth. You can get a bit bogged down sometimes.

It’s also been really good to read other people’s posts, and chat on Twitter. I think I’d forgotten how good it feels to connect with other people online. I wish I could relive that feeling!

it seemed apt to see this tweet this morning:

It brought back all the good memories, reminded me of that sense of possibility.

Has it really been ten years since Barcamp? Some of us who were there are still around – and still doing interesting things, which is good to see.

I think I need to try to keep that feeling alive, that spirit of always wanting to learn something – it helps me to keep looking forward, and staying open and positive. Not sure what I’ll do, to to do it, though. I could blog weekly, like Kathryn suggested on Twitter today:

I could join in on Ruth’s professional reading project.

I’m sure there’ll be other things. I won’t overthink things – I seem to do best when I just try stuff. Just do something.

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  2. Ruth Baxter says:

    I know you think your work would be boring to blog about – but something I want to do when you and I and Tony catchup is talk about what a UL does. It isn’t a role that appeals to me, but my management coach has pointed out I seem to have a narrow view of what the role is. I’m toying with the idea of once a week asking one of us to blog about what our job entails – perhaps in response to common questions- like @paulhagon and The Startup had us do. I’ll weave something into my #shyjuly campaign and send it out to you all.

    • snail says:

      Ooh, that’s an interesting idea…I don’t usually talk about what it is I do at work, or even about my workplace. On the other work related stuff occupies most of my time. I blogged recently about what I do…in response to @paulhagon who seems to be coming up so many interesting ideas.

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  4. Tony says:

    I didn’t think I wanted to be a UL either, or thought I could do it for that matter. I also thought I wasn’t ambitious but I must be, at least in some ways, otherwise how did I end up where I am? It will be an interesting conversation!

  5. GraemeO28 says:

    And it doesn’t have to be just ULs. As @snail says there is interest in the wider field of what we all do particularly for younger and newer librarians and for those in different sectors or doing slightly different roles. And from a mentoring perspective the whole story of how you got your first break. Or for those of us that feel like we are in a rut and never seem to get that next break. There is certainly fuel here for at least a once a week call for us to chip in me thinks!

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