Lifelong learning

Ruth asks: “What learning do you all undertake in your lives?”

Until relatively recently, I used to do my fair share of professional reading. All sorts of articles and web stuff – mostly via Zite and Twitter. Then Zite got bought out and shut down, and Twitter? Twitter was full of politics. I started using Twitter less and less, because politics was so depressing. And so my professional reading decreased.

These days I try to keep up with current affairs, but I haven’t found a good way to keep up with professional reading. I could try to revitalise my RSS feeds (I have Feedly set up) – but it would take a bit of work sorting through my feeds, deleting defunct sites and blogs, and finding new feeds to subscribe to. I seem to have a sentimental attachment to my feeds – even the dead ones – and haven’t really kept my subscriptions current. One thing though, I’m not sure how many sites offer RSS feeds these days – they all seem to offer Facebook, Youtube or Twitter options.

With #blogjune I’ve been using Twitter a bit more this month. There’s still a lot of good stuff on Twitter but I have the same attitude with the accounts I follow – I’m very sentimental about them all. I seldom unfollow accounts. I think I’d need to do a bit of work and go through all the accounts I follow – remove the inactive ones and those that are not relevant or that I’m not interested in at the moment.

I read other things, of course. Novels, mostly, and the occasional non-fiction work. I’m not very good at reading academic journals or professional (librarianship) publications. I suppose I could be learning things for fun, but I’m not sure what I’m interested in or care to invest time in at the moment.

My approach is very much reading-related. What else could I be doing?


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3 Responses to Lifelong learning

  1. Em says:

    Hi Con! It’s Em (Twitter @MissEmilieLib) – I can recommend a new contender for Twitter curation called Medium, I’ve been playing with it recently –

    It’s helped me refocus my Twitter-based professional reading without necessarily curating my own account, because like you, I don’t tend to unfollow many people 🙂 And I don’t have time to administer Twitter lists.

    • flexnib says:

      Hi Em! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I’ve been reading on Medium for a while now, but I think maybe I’m just not following the right people…

      Do you have any recommendations for people to follow on Medium?

  2. Maybe you could look at ‘unfollowing’ people as ‘weeding’, so have a criteria for whether they are still relevant to you?

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