Saturday lunch

雲吞麵 Wonton noodles
Today’s lunch: Malaysian style wonton noodles. (Which I didn’t realise are different from the Hong Kong variety, until I went to Hong Kong last year.)

I ate these at a place called D’Big Mama, at a suburban shopping centre. I like this version because the noodles are excellent, and you can ask them to leave out the char siu or barbecue pork, and they give you extra wontons (dumplings). I’m a char siu snob who dislikes most shop bought char siu for being too lean and too food-colouring pink – nothing beats my Mom’s homemade char siu.

I couldn’t get the dishes to fit in the frame for this photo. Perhaps standing on the chair might have helped but I don’t think I could have gotten away with it…

Yes, I’ve been reading How to Take Great Photos of Food – Six Tips From An Expert.


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