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Continuing on with the theme of having one’s world opened up – apart from books, the other thing I’m very slowly discovering these days is podcasts. This is after one of my sisters and one of my friends have told me (a few times) what I’ve been missing out on.

I’m only slowly discovering podcasts because the only task I seem to be able to do successfully while listening to podcasts is either walking, or sitting on a train. I also love reading while I’m on the train, and listening to music while I’m walking. So I always have competing/conflicting desires – and sometimes the podcasts don’t get a look in. I’ve tried listening while cooking, and I’m hopeless, I get engrossed in my food prep tasks and find I have to stop and go back and start listening again. It doesn’t matter even if the podcast was very interesting, or very funny, or whatever. Dicing onions or peeling spuds takes over.

But back to having my world opened up – I’ve been enjoying listening to Richard Fidler’s Conversations, and the other day heard his conversation with Mia Freedman. I have to admit her Mammamia site has mostly passed me by, I think mostly because I have never cared about “women’s” magazines, in any format. But still it was interesting to hear from her.

What amazed me in the conversation, though, was the point she made that all her friends, those in their 40s, are all considering having, or have had, Botox injected into their faces – to make them look younger. It is just the done thing among her friends. I started thinking about how different we all are – Botox is not something that would even occur to me (heck I don’t even wear lipstick), I am not ashamed of telling people my age (47 in October, but I’m already 48 by Chinese reckoning) – and I don’t know anyone who has been Botoxed. Colour me amazed. (I’m not judging – it’s just not my thing.)

But back to podcasts – apart from Richard Fidler’s, I’ve also been enjoying the New York Times Book Review podcast, and the BBC’s The Documentary podcast.

Do you listen to podcasts? Which are your favourites?

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  1. I’ve only recently discovered podcasts too, mostly because I prefer not to multitask and there are few activities I can undertake while listening to someone talking at the same time 🙂 But I kept hearing about great podcasts, so I downloaded a few on my phone app. The opportunity to listen to them didn’t arise until I was struck down with a really bad cold and couldn’t sleep, read or watch telly – all I could do was listen! I’ve been a bit hooked ever since, but it’s still a challenge to find the right opportunity. Train trips, stitching and being sick are my main listening times *lol*

    I mostly listen to art, craft and creative business podcasts, with a few comedy and general interest ones thrown in. I’m especially enjoying Adam Buxton’s podcast and The Jealous Curator: Art For Your Ear at the moment.

  2. BeautLotus says:

    Ah, you’re finally getting into the pods! You should try Desert Island Discs – it will provide you with both music and chat and the interview subjects (as well as their music choices) tend to make for compelling listening.

    Another good one is Hidden Brain – it often gives me food for thought about human, and more importantly, my own behaviour.

  3. BeautLotus says:

    Oh, and the New Yorker Radio Hour! And The Daily (from the NYT) – J and I listen to that one together every morning.

  4. Jodi says:

    I love listening to podcasts while driving. I also enjoy conversations with Richard Fidler. Another favorite is Chat 10 Looks 3, which is Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales talking books, tv, podcasts, exhibitions etc. Just recently I finished listening to S Town. It was great.

    • flexnib says:

      Oh yes Chat 10 Looks 3 – my sister-in-law recommended it to me. I love how much fun they obviously have putting it together 😀

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