Black inks

See, nowadays if you want to indulge in a somewhat unusual hobby, there is a lot of information available out there. For example, you can learn all about black fountain ink from different manufacturers – JetPens has posted this very helpful comparison.

Differences in black ink, you say? Black is black is black, no? Well, no, not quite. (Take a look at the post.)

My favourite among them: Noodler’s Heart of Darkness, for the name, and for the blackness. I agree with JetPens – Heart of Darkness is a very black black. Although I’m not actually a huge fan of black ink. It’s a bit boring, I suppose.

Found out about the JetPens post through Michael Leddy’s blog. I’ve been reading Orange Crate Art since I started blogging!

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One Response to Black inks

  1. BeautLotus says:

    I read the JetPens black inks comparison over breakfast this morning. I was alerted to it via the weekly email subscription from JetPens. 😉

    … And then I checked your site and saw you’d seen it too!

    I’m with you. Not a massive fan of black ink, but suppose can appreciate that it’s a ‘thing’ for some.

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