Keeping up

I think I’m still missing Google Reader.

I moved my subscriptions to Feedly but it’s not the same. I used to read things on Zite until it shut down.

I don’t like Flipboard because I seem to only see things from a very limited number of publications there. (Maybe I’m doing it wrong.)

Of course I also come across articles via Twitter but I think I really need to sort out some lists there. At the moment my timeline is flooded with political news and it all depresses me.

I look at Quora, and amuse myself by reading the super opinionated people who express themselves well. It’s not quite the same sort of stuff – people ask weird questions there, like My teenage son takes over 50 minutes to do his hair. What should I do? 

Also, I’ve been reading the odd article on Medium every now and then. There’s a lot of interesting stuff there, but there’s so much of it. I seem to have to make a lot more effort to find things.

These days, I’m really not even pretending that I’m keeping up with it all.

Maybe that’s why I miss Google Reader.

Are you keeping up? How are you keeping up?


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3 Responses to Keeping up

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  2. Kate says:

    I miss Google Reader too and I suspect it’s partly to blame for the decline of the biblioblogosphere. It seemed to die off at around the same time Google Reader disappeared…

    I use Feedly too but I really only subscribed to craft, fashion, design etc blogs these days. I don’t subscribe to much work related stuff at all anymore. Not sure why that is.

  3. Elissa says:

    I use The Old Reader – it is very like Google Reader was, which I like. Subscribers can have unlimited feeds, but I’ve managed to keep under the maximum for the free version without difficulty (I actually might be due for another cleanout anyway, as I’m not reading a bunch of what I’m subscribed to at the moment).

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