Lately the weekends have been very busy. I haven’t managed to indulge in many of my favourite pastimes.

This weekend was less busy but instead of playing with my toys, I spent a lot of the time napping. When I wasn’t napping, there were chores and things I could have done.

Instead I procrastinated, and enjoyed fondling some of my bling. It occurs to me I have a bit of a collection happening…

Necklaces and pendants



A pity I only have one neck, two ears, and ten fingers.

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2 Responses to Sunday

  1. Ruth says:

    Beautiful bling – a definite collection.
    Don’t worry about only having the standard limit of neck, ears, fingers etc – just means across a year you can probably offer a different combination every week. Keeps your creativity engaged.

  2. Fiona Doyle says:

    Gorgeous!! And beautifully curated. 🙂

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