What I did today

Thanks to Rachel for the inspiration. 

  • Woke to the sound of rain on the roof.
  • I started the day, as I start most days, by letting the chihuahuas out to pee.
  • Put on a load of laundry.
  • Made a cup of tea and took it back to bed, where the chihuahuas were.
  • Caught up on the news and Instagram. Posted my daily picture.
  • Hung the laundry out, put a second load on. 
  • Looked at some video on YouTube.
  • Hung the second load of laundry out.
  • Planned next week’s meals with M.
  • Wrote a shopping list.
  • Went to the shops for vegetables, fruit, groceries.
  • Had lunch – wantan noodles.
  • At home, M made me a cuppa and I hopped into bed for a nap. The chihuahuas joined me.
  • Chopped up veg for roasting. M cooked roast pork.
  • Had dinner – roast pork with crackling, roast spuds, turnips, swedes.
  • Watched some tv (Ray Donovan – bleak).
  • Blogged.

Only 4000 steps today…

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