7 things i’m loving right now

Thanks, Kate, for the inspiration!

  1. Banter with the folks from the Perth fountain pen group. Funny people, but best of all, they like fountain pens.
  2. Connecting with people on Instagram. Dog people, stationery people, fountain pen people…
  3. #blogjune. I’m not managing to read much or comment much this week but have enjoyed the posts I have seen (and hope to comment more over the weekend). I’ve also been enjoying blogging!
  4. Jack McDevitt’s space operas. Currently reading the Academy series. Stars, planets, the possibility of aliens… Just the thing I need at the moment.
  5. The daily morning walks with the chihuahuas.
  6. My Rollie shoes. Wore them to Adelaide and not only were they super comfy for travel, they survived a deluge quite well.
  7. My bagsbyrubbertree Scout backpack. I think it’s about a year old now, and aging very beautifully. I love how it feels, smells, and carries.
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