Another blogjune over

This year, 41 bloggers signed up. Of these, five were first-timers – 12.19%.

Last year was a lot bigger numbers-wise, but somehow this year feels more significant. I think this is because we talked about some quite big topics this year – professional discourse, group/collaborative blogging, Imposter Syndrome – and I think a few of us wrote on quite personal topics. Graeme’s post sums up the feeling quite nicely, I think – and shows how Twitter plays a big part in the whole thing. And in terms of something concrete that came out of the month’s blogging, I think that LINT will be closing down, to make room for the League of Librarians… Exciting times ahead!


For me personally, I give myself a 21/30 – that is, I missed nine days’ worth of posts. I’m forgiving myself, given that I’ve been rather busy at work and there were some nights when I was ready for bed at 7:30pm!

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One Response to Another blogjune over

  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you so much for running BlogJune – I enjoyed it very much. I’m not one to often complete what I set out to do. Maybe it was because I was the “ugly duckling” ie: not associated with a library that I managed to complete the whole month. I was rewarded with interesting reading of the other bloggers’ posts and having the shared spreadsheet really helped me keep track of who was on board for BlogJune.

    I would definitely do this again next year.

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