Today’s post inspired by Kate’s post from Monday:

I’m reading – Patrick Tjungurrayi: Beyond BordersCreativity, Inc by Ed Catmull. Also rereading Ruth Rendell’s Inspector Wexford novels.   

I’m watching – Game of Thrones. And Elementary. I did not think I’d like this remake of the Sherlock Holmes stories, but I have been enjoying it greatly.

I’m cooking – very little, at the moment

I’m drinking – Milo.

I’m thinking – about work 😐

I’m taking – time every morning to walk with M and the chihuahuas.

I’m missing – summer weather. (Yes I am a wuss. It hasn’t even been that cold here yet.)

I’m enjoying – poetry. Various works by different poets, including Clive James, John Kinsella, Iain Banks…

I’m planning – flights of fancy, holidays in my head.

I’m listening – Maria Tipo’s Bach: 6 Partitas BWV 825 -830

Like Kate I’ve been writing a lot in a paper journal – another reason for declining blog posts, perhaps. Yes, the physicality of pen to paper has a particular pleasure for me that the keyboard just cannot replicate. I sometimes draft my blog posts on paper first…

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  1. Carolin says:

    I can understand your enjoyment of paper – I still print far more documents off than I read online, and I even think I remember more when I can touch the paper it’s on.

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