Obligatory dog photo

Two small dogs sitting on a couch with a stuffed toy toucan

I was going to cop out: post this picture, do a “Wordless Wednesday”, and call it a night.

Then I read Kathryn’s post, and I realised I had a few things to say about my photo-taking habits generally:

  1. I didn’t post this one on Instagram, where the bulk of my chihuahua photos now go, because it didn’t fit nicely into the square shape that Instagram seems to enforce on users.
  2. The photos I post on Instagram aren’t particularly reusable by anyone else – they seem to be trapped within the app. Am I wrong?
  3. I take far too many pictures of my chihuahuas.For those of you who aren’t acquainted with my chihuahuas, meet Peppi (left, with the toy toucan), and Paco (right).
  4. Now that I can take a photo at any time, for almost zero cost, I have lost track of the majority of my photos – they are stored on a couple of hard drives, and I couldn’t tell you what I have. How will I save them for posterity?
  5. I don’t print my photos. Should I be?
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4 Responses to Obligatory dog photo

  1. Julie Gardner says:

    Haven’t seen Peppi and Paco before – they are gorgeous. I’d be happy to see a photo a day of them for the month of June 🙂

    • flexnib says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Julie – I think my chihuahuas are gorgeous, too 🙂

  2. snail says:

    I still put my stuff on flickr which does at keast mean they’re reusable eg I usually grab them the link for blog insertions and a few photos have been reused by magazine sites. With that said, I have a lot more photos I need to add to flickr…and get back to organising and archiving properly.

  3. Renee says:

    Photos are big on blogjune today! I’ve just blogged about Google Photo app.

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