5.6.2013 What’s in your bag?

There’s a Flickr group called “What’s In Your Bag? [but NOT camera bags]“. It’s exactly what it sounds like: you post pictures showing what you have in your bag. It’s been going for some years now. I love looking at what people have in their bags. (I’ve also done this meme before.)

Here is my daily bag. I lug around this Barbara Wiggins music satchel most weekdays.

Daily bag

I love it because it’s not bulky and very light for a leather satchel. I suspect if I wanted to carry around big books it wouldn’t suit me at all, but for an iPad or an ereader (or even carrying both of them around), it’s perfectly serviceable.

I even have a matching pencil case!

What's in my bag?

What else do I have in my bag? Keys, headphones, travel pass, Moleskine notebook (Evernote one), iPad mini, lip balm, moisturiser, name badge. Pencil case has Lamy scribble pencil, fountain pens, ink, USB drive, Cosmonaut stylus. Wallet.

What’s in your bag?

There’s another meme doing the rounds at the moment, which may appeal if bags aren’t your… bag: “You as the Dewey Decimal System” – see Catherine’s blog for one example.

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6 Responses to 5.6.2013 What’s in your bag?

  1. Laura says:

    You’re using the Evernote moleskin!? How is it? Does it work well?

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  5. Kate says:

    You do have the loveliest possessions Con 🙂
    I also did this one a few years back…http://strawberriesofintegrity.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/onepiconethought-18-my-bag-meme/
    Must do again this June!

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