I can do anything (and so can you)


How did we connect and work together pre-Internet?

The other morning, I saw a tweet from someone I’ve never met. She said:

I kinda wanna do a retreat where the entire thought experiment is to “build a new ‘library’ from 1st principles”

I retweeted it: ME TOO!

Reading between the lines, @mchris4duke was tweeting about and from the Digital Library Federation Forum that was held in Denver, Colorado this past weekend.

A couple of colleagues, @dupuisj and @djfiander responded that indeed we could, ought to, get together to talk about all this. (I’ve never met them, either.)

Apart from that brief exchange of tweets, we haven’t done anything about this conversation yet.

I haven’t stopped thinking about this conversation. What should we do? I’m still not sure what we could, ought to do next. What would work?

But what really gets me is how amazing all this is. I think I kind of take it for granted, now, that the majority of my colleagues, those of whom I want to learn from and collaborate with, have online presences and I can connect with them whenever I want. I’m not limited to people from my place of work, the city where I live, or even my country – I can communicate with others all over the globe. I can do anything! 

Now if that doesn’t do wonders for one’s confidence, I don’t know what does.



P.S. If anyone is interested and would like to talk about what we can do about some sort of retreat/unconference/get together to talk about what we would do if we were to build a library now, from scratch, feel free to get in touch 🙂


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