Another blogjune over

This year, 41 bloggers signed up. Of these, five were first-timers – 12.19%.

Last year was a lot bigger numbers-wise, but somehow this year feels more significant. I think this is because we talked about some quite big topics this year – professional discourse, group/collaborative blogging, Imposter Syndrome – and I think a few of us wrote on quite personal topics. Graeme’s post sums up the feeling quite nicely, I think – and shows how Twitter plays a big part in the whole thing. And in terms of something concrete that came out of the month’s blogging, I think that LINT will be closing down, to make room for the League of Librarians… Exciting times ahead!


For me personally, I give myself a 21/30 – that is, I missed nine days’ worth of posts. I’m forgiving myself, given that I’ve been rather busy at work and there were some nights when I was ready for bed at 7:30pm!

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Apple Watch so far

I have an Apple Watch. (I know I’m an Apple Tragic. You can tell me so in the comments.)

I’ve been wearing it since 24 April. About a month after that it started playing up. Message and email notifications stopped showing on the watch. Nothing I did – following all the instructions on the various boards etc – fixed it.

Now what I like most about the Watch is being able to see emails as they come in, especially during a meeting. Are you insane?! you exclaim. Well, hear me out. I’ve already been saved a couple of times by my Watch showing me that an email with an answer to a question I need to answer during a meeting has just come in. Oh wait, people, I might have the answer to that question – I then check the full details on my phone or iPad. Saves a heck of a lot of time. And all the other notifications – messages, Twitter notifications – they’re fun little breaks in the day.

Without the notifications, the Watch felt.. dead. Sort of like a computer pre-Internet. You could look at the time, it still tracked your activity, but it was like it was silent.

After trying all the fixes, the only thing remaining to be fixed was the iPhone. (The Watch has to be paired with an iPhone.)

So this weekend, after backing my iPhone up, M reset it (my phone is a work phone, so I was paranoid I would brick it, or worse, need to call IT, if I did anything to break it. So M did it for me). Et voilà! The Watch is back!

I do like the Apple Watch, even though I will agree that the Watch still needs its killer app. On weekends I forget and nap with it on and get woken up by the Watch telling me it’s time to stand up. I think Apple Watch users all know that buzzing at ten minutes to the hour


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