When you’re an immigrant, I think it takes a little bit of time to feel like your adopted country is really home. I’ve been living in Australia for 30 years now.

The other day, on my way home from work, I walked past one of the local cafes. The proprietor waved at me, and at that moment I felt amazingly happy and content: he recognised me as a local. I’m a local. I’m a part of my community. I’m at home.


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Winter sky

Winter sky

This was taken on Monday, 4 July. I was walking from the train station, to campus.

It was a very cold day, by Perth standards. The warmest it got was about 14°C (57°F).

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Black inks

See, nowadays if you want to indulge in a somewhat unusual hobby, there is a lot of information available out there. For example, you can learn all about black fountain ink from different manufacturers – JetPens has posted this very helpful comparison.

Differences in black ink, you say? Black is black is black, no? Well, no, not quite. (Take a look at the post.)

My favourite among them: Noodler’s Heart of Darkness, for the name, and for the blackness. I agree with JetPens – Heart of Darkness is a very black black. Although I’m not actually a huge fan of black ink. It’s a bit boring, I suppose.

Found out about the JetPens post through Michael Leddy’s blog. I’ve been reading Orange Crate Art since I started blogging!

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